There have been calls for a prison sentence and harsher prisons to stop the growing knife problem in Southend in the wake of the latest fatal stabbing.

Police are currently investigating after a man was stabbed to death in Farringdon Service Road, close to The Forum.

Residents have said enough is enough.


Graeme Sweeney: "How many murders and suspicious deaths in Southend is that already this year?

"Would be good to hear the polices view on this as to what has caused the increase?

"What they need, what the public can do to help the police and to protect each other.

"Is this all drug/ gang related or has there been a culture shift in society?

"It would be good to know, would a curfew imposed by the council help police?

"And give them much needed breathing space?

"I have seen how curfews can help in the US, it would be good to hear, what can be done to get this town back on its feet, because right now, it's on its knees!"

Tessa Thowney: "This is becoming a weekly if not daily occurrence in Southend.

"What is the matter with the young people today that they have to carry knives?

"I am afraid until we change the law in the UK it’s only going to get worse.

"I think if caught with a knife should be automatically get them at least an 8 year jail sentence with hard labour, no TV, gym, pool. Just in a cell when not doing hard labour with nothing. And nuts to these do-gooders in this country that have got this country like it is now."

Deborah Williams: "Poor old Southend.

"Locals have been warning something like this will happen sooner rather than later."