A trio of young men who took it upon themselves to highlight the potholes in Benfleet have revealed why they used "flower power" to get the job done.

Builder Brad Martins, 25, trainee accountant Joe Dee, 26, and engineer Harley, 26, decided to plant flowers in the pot holes around the streets of Benfleet.

Mr Dee said: "We wanted to draw attention to the ever growing problem of pot holes in the area, which seems to go unnoticed by the council for too long!

"And the amount of money us drivers have to pay out for new tyres and damage to our vehicles just because the roads are not worthy to drive on, makes me wonder why we pay road tax.

"This was a nice easy way to bring attention to it, and to keep the village looking pretty."

The flowers have since been removed, believed to be by the council.