THE unquestionably outstanding talents of virtuoso jazz guitarist Raffaele Bizzoca can be seen and heard up close and personal, when he brings together Le Quartet next Wednesday at the Railway Hotel.

Joining Raffaele on classical guitar will be Jose Canha on double bass, Gary Hamilton on saxophone and Antonio Spina on percussion.

Known to his friends as Lele, the man from Milan - now living in Southend - said: "We're playing more Latin jazz numbers than traditional jazz standards so we hope to bring some dandy feeling!

"They can be upbeat and lively, often with Latin-tinged rhythms or may sound mellow and romantic. Also we will play a couple of my new tunes as surprise..."

Lele mostly gigs in London, Brighton and back in Italy.

He started studying music at the age of 10, then studied jazz professionally in 1992 with Italian guitarist and composer Ivo Meletti, going on to receive multiple qualifications and diplomas in different aspects of music, including from the Academy of Music in Milan and the Helvetic Music Institute in Switzerland and the Music Conservatory in Novara, Italy.

From 2004 to 2006 He studied jazz guitar professionally with internationally renowned guitarist, composer and teacher Luciano Zadro.

The gig with Le Quartet will take place at the pub in Clifftown Road, at 8:30pm, on Wednesday May 23.

Admission is free.

For more information about Lele or details about his albums, visit