A MAN is appealing to find a good samaritan who saved his mother’s life after she was knocked down by a car.

Maurine Elman, 83, was waiting for her son to pick her up from Broadway West, Leigh, when a reversing car knocked her down.

The driver, unaware they’d knocked Mrs Elman down continued to reverse, when a young cyclist intervened and shouted for the driver to stop.

The woman’s son, who asked to remain nameless, said: “I pulled along the side of the road and saw someone in the gutter, a horrible sight to see but then I realised it was my mother.

“I could not believe what I was seeing, it made me feel sick.”

By the time the man ran to the aid of his mum, a fire crew and rapid response vehicle arrived and begun to help Mrs Elman. Police arrived 15 minutes later and an ambulance also came to treat Mrs Elman.

Her son said: “She had a massive gash to her hand and cuts on her feet. The paramedics gave her oxygen but she could not move, it was horrible.”

The driver and the cyclist waited while police took statements, however, the man and his mother did not have the chance to thank the cyclist for helping save his mother’s life.

The cyclist is a white male, wearing a black t shirt, who was on a mountain bike.

The family would like to contact him and thank him for helping Mrs Elman.

The man said: “I only saw him in my peripheral vision, I hadn’t realised it was him who saved her at the time.

“He is a young guy and it’s nice to see someone being so selfless, a lot of young people do not get good press these days.”

Essex Police released a statement following the incident, saying: “We were called to reports of a collision involving a silver Mercedes and a pedestrian in Leigh on Monday, May 14.

“A woman, in her 80s, was walking along Broadway West shortly before 6pm when the driver of the Mercedes collided with her at a low speed, whilst reversing out of a drive way in the road.

“The pedestrian was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

“No arrests have been made.”