A campaign to build a third road off Canvey is gaining pace following new developments.

Construction of a giant new business park, retail park and housing are underway on the island, with residents claiming the third route is needed more than ever.

The new business park being developed by Inner London Group on Roscommon Way is expected to create more than 600 jobs for the area, and a retail park set to open early next year on Northwick Road is predicted to create another 150 jobs.

Councillor Barry Palmer, of Canvey Island South, said: “So where are those people going to come from?

“A new road has become a necessity now as there will be people trying to get off the island in the morning and people trying to get on, so they can go to work at the new parks.”

Whilst the campaign for a third road has been ongoing for several years, councillor Palmer argued that now is the right moment to “throw our name into the hat” for funding for a third road.

“There is no problem with putting in a bid, as our infrastructure justifies it,” he said.

“Without it, the only people who will suffer are the people on Canvey.”

One route for a new road, put forward by Councillor Ray Howard for Canvey Island West, is between Canvey’s Northwick Rd to Manor Way in Thurrock.

“We brought a minister down last year to show him the route,” he explained. “But I’m mindful that the Government has concerns and not enough money.

Councillor Chas Mumford, for Canvey East, said there is now “a necessity” for another road link off Canvey, which “cannot be ignored” any longer.

“That is my view and the local plan has to consider that and be looked at very closely again,” he said.

Castle Point MP Rebecca Harris said: “Many residents have written to me to share their stories of the horrendous journeys they have to endure.With new jobs at the DP World Port and the development of the old Coryton site, I believe the economic case for a third road is compelling.”