A VOLUNTEER who fractured his back during a soap box derby is hoping others can support him while he is signed off from work.

Billericay Round Table member, Jim Wroe, suffered a fractured vertebrae after a crash at the Billericay Soapbox Derby on Bank Holiday Monday.

Jim will now be in a full body brace for up to two months, and is unable to work – but fortunately there are no signs of permanent nerve damage.

The dedicated volunteer works supporting vulnerable young people, but as a result will not receive sick pay, leading to concerns how he will pay his bills and mortgage in the interim.

The accident happened after Jim was racing in the round table’s Round Table Trojan Rabbit, and he landed heavily following a jump.

And now, in a bid to support Jim while he battles to regain fitness, members of the Billericay Round Table have launched a fundraising campaign in the hope of helping their friend during this tough period.

The Go Fund Me page read: “You may have heard about our community hero Jim from Billericay’s very own Round Table, being taken to hospital following an accident at the Rotary Soap Box Derby event.

“Jim has fractured his vertebrae and has to be in a full body brace for two months.

“As if this is not bad enough, Jim works at supporting vulnerable young people on the margins of society and does not get sick pay.

“Like most charity workers, they accept lesser benefits, doing a role most people would not want to do, in order to do a job they feel passionate about; supporting those less able to support themselves.

“Luckily, after being transported to hospital for all the relevant tests, Jim shows no signs of permanent nerve damage, however, he will need at least a two month recovery period.

“This does leave him very concerned how he is to pay his bills and mortgage in the interim.

“Could we as a community help one of our own, who has spent many hours helping others, not only in his charity work but as a member of the Billericay Round Table who raises thousands of pounds for other people.

“Could you perhaps donate what you would have spent at the pub one night or perhaps what you would have spent on a coffee and sandwich for your lunch?”

Jim was treated at the scene by paramedics before being transported to hospital for further treatment.

The annual event was celebrating its third successive year raising money for international and national Rotary-supported charities and local schools.

The fundraising page was set up on Wednesday, and has already raised £2,735 of the £3,500 target.

To donate, visit https://www.gofundme.com/Jimwroe.