THE next phase of the multi-million pound redevelopment of Basildon’s Craylands Estate will see hundreds of “flat-pack homes” placed on site - costing up to £410,000.

Some prefabricated homes were delivered to the site last October, but now plans are in place for 251 modular homes to be introduced to the estate, renamed Beechwood.

A modular home is one that has been built in a factory setting, and is then constructed on-site.

Leader of Basildon Council, Andrew Baggott, insisted the modular scheme was chosen because of its affordability - although expected prices before any customisation start at £295,000 for a two bed home, and up to £410,000 for a four bed.

Mr Baggott said: “It’s the next phase of this big project to redevelop the whole estate. When you look at the big factors, both for the public, and us, it is about affordability, and real affordable housing.

“The aim is, and we hope it will stay this way, that the homes are cheaper to build and that trickles down to the residents and translates as cheaper prices for homebuyers.

“Personally, I am in favour of anything which is innovative and new, and can produce high quality homes.

“At the moment, one of the biggest issues we face is the immense gap between what people earn and how much houses cost, this can help. “Forget the history, we all know about Crayland’s reputation, we want this to be a community that people are happy, and proud, to live in.”

In March, Basildon Council agreed to buy out 100 homes, forcing residents to move, to make way for a multi-million pound development on the Craylands estate.

The compulsory purchase orders will only be used if tenants and owners refuse to vacate homes south of Whitmore Way, which are due to be demolished to make way for hundreds of new homes.

Officials said homeowners will be made a “fair offer” and a chance to invest in the new homes. Tenants will be relocated within the borough “where possible”.

Craylands was originally earmarked for demolition and rebuild in June 2007.

The first phase of the regeneration scheme was completed last year, with 161 properties demolished and 404 new properties built.

The regeneration scheme will see the demolition of 521 properties, which will be replaced with 994 new homes.