Canvey Town Council has objected to plans for 40 homes at the site of a former pub.

Branch Co Ltd is planning to demolish buildings and create the new homes at the site of the former Admiral Jellicoe pub, High Street, Canvey.

At a meeting this week, Canvey Town councillors raised serious concerns about the plans.

The councillors voted unanimously against them - and now want to see the developer revisit the plans.

Barry Campagna, Canvey Independent councillor and town mayor, said the town council believes the plans are not in keeping with the area and will create traffic issues.

He said: “There are a number of reasons why we voted against.

“I understand there were plans to build 16 homes there, but now this has been increased to 40 homes.

“We are worried about it being too dominant for the site and area due to the size of the development. We have given our comments to Castle Point Council to consider when they make a decision on the plans.”

There are currently 26 parking spaces at the site and a further 20 would be added, but Mr Campagna said there is not enough parking planned for the site. He said he wants to see a plan that will have less impact on the area.

Carole Sach, Canvey Independent Party councillor, spoke out at the meeting about her objections.

She said: “I have been talking to residents about the plans and they are mostly against them.

“There are concerns that neighbouring properties will be overlooked if these flats are built.

“The roads around the site are already congested and could get worse if these plans are agreed.”

Canvey Town Council is only invited to give its views on the plans, the final decision rests with Castle Point Council.

The council is expected to make a decision in August.

The proposals also include communal and private roof gardens.

The future of the landmark pub has been left in the balance since it closed under mysterious circumstances last October.

It closed officially in January 2017.

The Echo unsuccessfully contacted the developer for a comment.