A PAEDOPHILE who filmed himself drugging and raping a young child has been jailed for at least 18 years.

Dean Harris was arrested after he shared the video on an adult chat site with a woman so disgusted she sent it to the police.

Officers investigating the 44-year-old then found a catalogue of materials featuring young girls and boys on devices he owned.

Harris, 44, of Alexandra Road, Rochford, admitted one count of rape of a girl aged under 13.

He also admitted administering a substance, assault by penetration, sexual assault and a number of offences related to the possession and distribution of vile material when he appeared at Basildon Crown Court.

The court heard the offences came to light after Harris shared a video, as well as his thoughts about committing these acts, to a worker on an adult chat site during a private conversation.

The person videoing the chat informed police.

Richard Burrington, prosecuting, said: “He indicated he wanted to share something not on the public forum.

“During the course of that conversation the defendant indicated that he had drugged a child and performed sexual activities on her.”

The court heard he also claimed he wanted to rape a child again.

Mr Burrington said: “The chat worker reported the conversation to the police.

“He had showed her specific videos demonstrating a male performing sex acts on a female.”

Police found he had stored the rape video.

He did so in order to be able to watch what he had done time and again.

Beth O’Reilly, mitigating, accepted it was a difficult case to defend.

She told the court Harris accepted full blame.

She said: “He accepts he has destroyed lives.

“His actions have affected those involved.

“We have heard that in victim impact statements.

“It may sound hollow, but he is sorry for that.”

Judge John Lodge gave Harris an extended 26 year sentence.

He was jailed for eighteen years.

He will spend a further eight years on licence for his despicable acts.

Judge Lodge, speaking at Basildon Crown Court on Thursday, said: “It was only because others, who he thought shared similar interests, were horrified by his acts and prepared to report it that this came to light.

“I have no hesitation in saying you are a dangerous offender.

“There is a significant risk of further offences by you.

“I form that judgment for the length of time you observed indecent images and the cruel circumstances of this offence and all offences that you made.

“They merit receiving a substantial period in prison.”