THE future of Canvey Transport Museum’s open day is still unclear - after no signs of an agreement between the museum and the neighbouring school.

The museum holds a huge motor event every October with hundreds of historic cars and motorbikes descending on the island for.

It previously had an arrangement with Leigh Beck Junior School, which is next door, to use some of the school’s facilities for the event.

However, four weeks after the school said it may not be able to host the event due to a policy change, the museum is still waiting for official confirmation.

Museum chairman, Gordon Claydon, said: “It is frustrating. They just have not replied to my letter.

“We need a reply one way or another so we can make the plans.

“These events don’t come together easily and we need to know what is going on.

“The school has always been hugely supportive and it is a real shame that it has got to this stage.

“In the last ten years, the event has really boomed and that is partly down to us using this larger space at the school.

“The event really carries us through the winter months. It is crucial in ensuring the museum is kept alive.”

The school has recently been acquired by Lion Education Trust.

Organisers fear this has played a part, with the trust not buying in to the community tradition.

Mr Claydon said: “We have worked hand in hand with the school over the years and there has never been a problem at all.

“At the moment all the school busses use our site for collections, because it is much safer for the youngsters. We used to let the parents park on the site, but have had to stop that because they were always littering and dropping rubbish.

“And we may have to stop the busses. The committee has suggested it and support it. It’s only a problem since the school was taken over. All the old headteachers used to be a part of the community and understood the importance.

“Now, the decisions are being made by someone in London, who has no connection to the community.” The Trust did not respond to requests for comment.