AMBITIOUS plans for one million new homes and the creation of up to 1.3 million jobs by 2050 have been proposed.

The Thames Estuary 2050 Growth Commission has published its vision for Kent, Essex and London. Included in the proposal are call to make the Lower Thames Crossing between Kent and Essex suitable for trains and for use by driverless cars.

One million homes are also being proposed in the plans, despite a public outcry over the thousands of new homes which must be delivered under council’s local plans.

The commission says the Thames Estuary could generate an additional £190 billion to the economy of the region and the new homes will be needed to support this growth.

It said: “The plan should also be ambitious - going above the minimum housing numbers set by government - to attract substantial infrastructure investment from government.”

Local authorities are urged to support small businesses and planned railway improvements, particularly around Southend, and Southend Airport “should be delivered to increase capacity” under an integrated transport policy to improve the road and rail network.

Sir David Amess, MP for Southend West, said: “In the area that I represent in Southend West, there is no land available for development. We can’t and won’t start building on our public parks, so the report identifies possible areas for more housing in constituencies other than mine.

“In Essex itself there are undoubtedly plots of land where you could build a new town but with any new housing it obviously has to be achieved with the consent of local residents and the local authority.”

Sir David added: “The considerations which have to be taken into account are those of sustainability, by which I mean does the local infrastructure have more capacity for more people or, in order to support new housing, who will deliver and pay for the necessary infrastructure?

“There are many issues to consider.”