A COUPLE from Southend who won £1million in the lottery last November have given an update on their newly-changed lives.

Tony Pearce and Deb Gellatly have raised a glass in celebration of The National Lottery’s 5,000 lottery millionaire milestone.

The pair, who are busy putting the final touches to plans for their dream wedding after a 30 year engagement, still count their blessings every day for without that win, life was looking bleak.

Tony said: “It’s amazing to think there are now 5,000 lottery millionaires who have all enjoyed that same winning moment.

“Astonishingly, the last 1,000 lottery millionaires have been made in just 29 months, that’s more than one every day! Since our own win so much has changed for the better.

“We’ve been able to enjoy some wonderful experiences and help those closest to us in ways we could only have dreamt of before that lucky day.”