A TEENAGER with autism was attacked by a large gang of people while at the beach.

Amelia Stephenson, 15, from Benfleet was at Thorney Bay Beach, Canvey, last Saturday night with friends when the gang attacked her, knocking her unconscious at about 9.30pm.

There were about 10 people in the gang and Amelia was punched at least seven times.

Emergency services went to the scene and Amelia was taken to Southend Hospital.

Her mum, Claire Burridge 44, from Benfleet, was alerted by a resident who sat with the teenager until the paramedics arrived on scene.

Claire said her daughter is now too scared to leave the house.

She said: “I had taken Amelia to the beach, and while I was driving back I had a call from a woman living nearby who said Amelia was on the floor and unconscious.

“She said she was holding her hand and said she would wait until I got there.

“Amelia also suffers with Asperger Syndrome and has a help dog.

“She left hospital at about 3am on Sunday morning. It was a completely unproved attack.

“Her teeth were loosened and her brace was broken in the attack, the wires from the brace had cut the inside of her mouth.”

The mother said the gang were shouting at her daughter.

Claire said she feels hurt for her daughter following the attack on the island beach.

She said: “Another girl complimented her on what she was wearing and while talking to Amelia the others attacked her.

“Amelia was face down on the ground and they were still hitting her.

“When I got to the beach, there were about three police cars and paramedics.

“She suffers with anxiety and this will make it worse.

“Police acted so quickly and made an arrest the same night.”

Police have arrested a a 14-year-old boy from Canvey on suspicion of wounding without intent and common assault.

He has been released on bail until July 25.