Essex fire service have confirmed a dog was killed in the huge blaze on Canvey yesterday afternoon.

Firefighters were called to a large fire in a industrial yard in Northwick Road.

Dozens of buildings were evacuated as the fire took hold and sent thick black smoke billowing into the sky.

Witnesses reported a toxic smell from the fire.

The yard is made up of a number of businesses, and contained five largeshipping containers, a large metal warehouse, and several areas of scrap metal and wood.

The incident commander reported the fire affected all five containers, scraps of metal and a neighbouring field which was the size of two football pitches.

There were also 15 cylinders in volved which were all successfully located and removed from the fire by the crew.

They were cooled and made safe.

Firefighters were also able to prevent the blaze spreading to neighbouring warehouses.

Dozens of firefighters battled the blaze for hours before finally extinguishing it at about 8.30pm.

In total, the fire damaged five shipping containers, several piles of scrap metal around the yard, a lorry trailer and the field.

While no people were injured, a rottweiler was killed in the blaze despite efforts to try and rescue him.

A joint fire and police investigation into the cause of the fire is now underway.