RESIDENTS have raised concerns after four car windows were smashed within four weeks along a street in Westcliff.

Motorists in Westcliff Parade are worried about parking where they live after repeated incidents of criminal damage.

Simon Wilson, 37, said: “The community around here are now scared to have their cars on the road.

“Lots of residents are very distressed about the spate of incidents we have had in recent weeks.

“If our residents can’t safely park their cars out the front of their homes, as they have done for years, what can they do?

“It just suggests a complete lack of respect for the people who live here.

“It is just mindless vandalism.

“It is really affecting a lot of the people who live on this road.”

The incidents of smashed car windows have also come at a time when residents in the area are growing increasingly concerned about the speed at which cars travel on the roads.

Mr Wilson said: “We have a lot of families as well as elderly people living in this area.

“It is fast becoming unsuitable for them because it feels as though at any moment a car could come flying around the corner.

“Something needs to be done about the problems before it is too late.”

Some traffic easing measures and antisocial behaviour deterrents such as speed bumps and temporary CCTV cameras have been suggested by the community.

Milton ward councillor Julian Ware-Lane said: “This is not something I have been made immediately aware of, but if it did come to light that there were an increasing number of problems in the area I would be prepared to take action and push for new measures to ensure resident safety.

“Incidents of criminal damage are widespread, they aren’t just a growing issue in Milton Ward alone - but they do need to be dealt with appropriately when they arise.”

Councillor Andrew Moring, cabinet member for infrastructure, said: “Incidents of anti-social behaviour and criminal damage should be reported to Essex Police and they will deal with the matter.

“To date, we have not received any official complaints about speeding on Westcliff Parade, however if residents do have concerns, they are reminded to report them at MySouthend or contact ward councillors directly.”