SHOCKING CCTV footage has revealed a brazen thief reaching over a counter to steal nearly £100 from a cattery.

The thief can clearly be seen walking into the front reception of Shalynn Cattery and Pet Centre in Prince Avenue, Southend, and checking no-one is watching before pocketing the cash from a collection tin.

However, he didn’t realise he was on camera - and now the cattery’s owners are asking for help to find him.

Lynn Tobin, director of Shalynn Cattery, said: “We think that they got away with around £60 to £80.

“We have been robbed before and so we were forced to keep a tiny cash tin attached to the front desk, but still they managed to get away with it.

“Now we have no cash at all on the premises.

“Last year, someone stole the whole till and a charity collection box from the front of the reception.

“They came in the middle of the night and all the alarm systems went off but this time it was in broad daylight.”

The footage showed the thief, a white man wearing a white shirt and trousers, lean over the counter look at what was on the desk.

He then picked up the small black cash tin which was attached to the desk of a piece of black security rope and attempted to prize it open with his hands.

Mrs Tobin added: “Staff were in the building, however, they were inside the cattery helping customers.”

He placed the tin back down before scouting the desk further, returning to the cash tin.

He can be seen opening it and stuffing the cash into his pockets before leaving the scene.

Mrs Tobin said: “It’s so sad that people do this.

“Most people work so hard for their money and others think they have a God given right to take it.”

A man, believed to be the same man, was then seen later that evening outside the premises.

No arrests have been reported following the theft at the cattery that took place on Monday July 6.

Following the incident, a spokesman for Essex Police, said: “We are investigating after a tin with money in was stolen from a cattery in Prince Avenue, Westcliff.

“This was between 2.30pm and 3.15pm on July 6, and a two figure sum of cash was stolen.” Anyone with information should contact Southend LPT on 101