ROSALIE Cunningham certainly must've seen some sad faces when the former front woman of Purson announced that she was hanging up her catsuits and guitar for a while, and disbanding the psychedelic rock quintet.

So you may be thrilled to learn the girl is back and ready to perform, backed by a new band, under her solo name.

She will be appearing upstairs at the Railway Hotel, Southend, on Tuesday July 17.

Rosalie, who is from Southend, explained: "I took a break from playing my own music live for about a year and a half after the break up of Purson, but spent that time writing for what will become my first solo album.

"I'll be debuting some of the material for the first time on the 17th with my new band.

"My songwriting has developed considerably since Purson, I think. I'm more focused on melody, drama and lyrical, unusual rhythms, rather than heavy riffs. It's quite difficult to describe but it's almost a haunting psychedelia. I've teamed up with George Hudson (Purson) on guitar once more. The bass player and keyboard player I met through a mutual love of the Beatles which eventually lead to the birth of our Beatles homage band, The Sky Diamonds. On bass is Rosco Levee, a successful musician on the blues rock scene, who was the catalyst for this, really. I played him some demos and he was very encouraging. He wouldn't let me hide them away any longer! Mark Stonell on keyboards has become something of a musical soulmate, creating some stunning arrangements of my songs and inspiring me further. The latest addition has been Samuel Thompson on drums. He's always been on my radar as a local virtuoso so I was delighted when he expressed interested in joining us at the eleventh hour!

"We're playing our first gig at The Railway on July 17 as a warm up for Cambridge Rock Festival on July 26. I will then be going in to Soup Studios, London, to record the album during August."

Admission for the night is £8.

The Railway Hotel is in Clifftown Road.

Support comes from gypsy jazz duo Levent and Taylor.

The night starts at 8pm.