TRAPPED train passengers were furious after a train pulled into the wrong platform with no exit but across the train tracks.

The late night c2c line from London Fenchurch Street to Shoebury arrived at platform one of Chalkwell station, where passengers were stuck due to refurbishment work taking place on the footbridge.

The exit on the platform was also locked, leaving passengers feeling they had no choice but to cross the railway line to the other side.

Dave Collins, 52 of Nelson Road, Westcliff was stranded at the platform with his wife after the trained pulled in at 12.40am.

He said: “I do not know why they decided to drop us on that side of the platform.

“We arrived and were completely stuck on the platform, the driver came out and looked to see what had happened, he went back into his carriage to call somebody from c2c, but we were stuck there for ages.

“It is ridiculous, I do not know how they expect anybody to get out of the station.

“We just decided to walk across the tracks to get across the platform.

“It was very dangerous, if somebody with a disability or a small child had to cross those tracks and a train came, who knows what could happen.”

Following the incident, c2c confirmed it will be investigating to ensure it does not happen again.

The rail provider accepted full responsibility for the error.

A spokesman for c2c said: “We’re very sorry for the confusion and delay caused to these customers at Chalkwell.

“This was entirely our fault, with a breakdown in communication on our part resulting in the Platform 1 exits being locked too early.

“Our control centre contacted our staff on site at Chalkwell, who then re-opened the Platform 1 exits for the following trains that night.

“Every platform has an emergency help point for the public, which is located next to the stairs at Chalkwell, and provides a direct link to this 24/7 control room.

“No-one should go on the railway tracks at any time.”

Mr Collins, who commuted to London on the c2c line for 25 years felt the incident was a serious concern for people planning to use Chalkwell station while the works are ongoing on the footbridge.

He said: “If they have no provision for getting passengers out at night, what is the provision for getting you in and onto the correct platform?

“This could be an ongoing thing while they are repairing the bridge.

“I get they have to lock it up at night but there has to be another way out.”