A YOUNG magician who broke his arm watching Derren Brown saw his luck change when he was given the chance to meet the famous illusionist.

Alfie Hawes, 14, was enjoying Derren’s show at Southend’s Cliffs Pavilion with his family when, at the end of the first half, Alfie tripped returning to his seat.

He was taken to Southend A&E where it was confirmed he had broken both bones in his forearm.

Alfie, a pupil at Mayflower High School, Billericay, said: “The first half had been really good.

“I had been trying to get to the stage to write a question that are put in sealed envelopes for Derren to guess what was written on them in the second half.

“I was walking back up the stairs and fell and hit my wrist on the step.

“It wasn’t that painful as you go into shock and have the adrenaline.”

Alfie is also a magician and performs regularly at weddings and restaurants, including Grand Central in Basildon and Chelmsford after being given a set of magic tricks at a young age.

Disappointed at missing the second half of the show, he was thrilled when his parents arranged complimentary tickets to go the following day so he could see the end.

After the show had finished, he had hoped to meet Derren, who hit fame with his 2000 TV series Mind Control, but a sign on the stage door said he would not be meeting people.

However, just as he was about to leave, a member of the crew ran over.

Alfie said: “He asked if we were the family with the boy with the cast and that Derren would like to meet us and sign my cast.

“I don’t think Derren understood how young I was because when he saw me he said ‘Oh my God’.

“I think he thought I was 16 or something.

“He was lovely, really lovely.

“I have spoken to other magicians about him.

“They have said he is one of the loveliest men and he was.”