An air ambulance and police cars are currently on scene of a serious incident in Rochford.

It is currently unclear what has happened, although people locally have claimed it was a stabbing.


Credit: Lucy Radford

The air ambulance landed at Waterman Primary School and police and ambulances have been seen in Rochford Garden Way.


Credit: Matthew Lawrence

Update: 12pm

Essex Police has been contacted for comment.

Update: 12.15pm

Photos show a house has been cordoned off by police.

An eye witness, who asked not to be named, said: "I was in my back graden when I heard the helicopter circling.

"I went out to post a letter and to my amazement I saw two ambulances, four police cars and two emergency vehicles and an unmarked police car.

"Everyone was standing outside the houses asking what was going on.

"I said I thought it must be serious as they wouldn't have sent that for a burglary.

"There must have been a suspcious death or someone has been attacked."

Update: 12.45pm

Another witness said: “I saw a few ambulances, then a police car and then more paramedics and police and I started think, Oh God something bad is happening here.

“The Air Ambulance landed in the school and I spoke to the person show drove the paramedics over, who said all they saw was someone in the back of a land ambulance receiving CPR.

“It’s horrible, I’ve lived here for 35 years and never seen anything like this, we have had a couple things through the years but nothing like this, you don’t expect it.”

Warren Bye, 29, Percy Cottis Road, said: “I saw one police car driving off and there was a lady in the back of the car. I don’t want to speculate why she was in there though.”


Credit: Warren Bye