CONTROVERSIAL developments are being reconsidered for Canvey with residents invited to have their say.

Ahead of the 2018 local plan, Castle Point Council has included all the sites from the 2014 plan, including those many raised concerns about.

This means hotly-debated sites such as the Dutch Village, off Canvey Road, are back under discussion, despite previously seeing thousand of objections and plans thrown out for 275 homes.

Residents have until August 15 to make their views clear.

The consultation has been laid out in a question and answer format, with residents being pressed to give views on sites at Thorney Bay caravan park, Point Road, and the Dutch Village among others.

Graham Bracci, founder of the Canvey green belt campaign, revealed on his blog: “Whether you bother to answer, and how you answer, the consultation will have a direct bearing on how much Canvey changes in the immediate future.

“Previous consultations have seen many objections against proposed local plans, this has led to Castle Point Council leaders suggesting that the ‘non responders’ views mirrored those of the council leaders, despite them having no evidence to suggest they did.

“It is for this reason that Canvey Island residents should not only take part in the local plan consultation, but also be very careful how the questions are responded to.”

The most controversial site is the Dutch Village, which is green belt land, as well as a plot of land at the front of the Dutch Village.

Plans to build homes on the site were thrown out and controversial plans to build stables on the land were blocked this year.

Point Road’s inclusion has come under criticism, with the site currently home to a host of businesses, with questions over where they would be moved to - as well as previously blocked applications.

While Thorney Bay’s inclusion has raised concerns, with the owners of the caravan park already having permission for a large redevelopment which has begun.