A PROLIFIC offender’s assault on five police officers and anyone who tried to get in his way has been branded “thoroughly reprehensible” by a judge.

Judge Christopher Morgan listened to how Jason Patmore spat at, bit and attacked officers after being arrested, threatening to defecate in the police van and urinate on officers while in custody.

Patmore, 25, now of Galey Green, South Ockenden had stolen his cousin’s BMW and crashed it into a home in Barrack Street, Colchester, while he was nearly twice the legal drink drive limit and with a deadly amount of prescription and illicit drugs in his system.

Chelmsford Crown Court heard he had had 13 bottles of beer and took a significant amount of Diazepam.

Frank O’Toole, representing Patmore, said he had “enough it could’ve killed him”.

Judge Morgan told Patmore yesterday there was “no justification” for his actions with Essex Police.

He added: “Your behaviour could’ve ended up in you being seriously injured or killed.”

He said: “From a very young age you were exposed to violence and alcohol and in due course, class A drugs, and much of that behaviour lies behind your offending.

“Mr O’Toole was right when he said it takes two to tango.

“It’s down to you in future as to whether you engage with those who provide you with assistance and keep on taking your medication.

“If you don’t, and resort to drink and drugs, you end up committing crimes and your prison sentences will get longer and longer, especially if you end up killing someone which seems highly likely.”

Patmore admitted 13 offences including drink driving, driving without insurance or a driving licence, common assault, criminal damage and dangerous driving.

His record features 44 convictions for more than 90 offences across Essex.

He was sentenced in total to two-and-a-half years in prison and was banned from driving for the same length of time with points added to his licence.

Patmore’s aunt, Toni Dalton, who was also attacked and threatened, read out a victim impact statement from the witness box which brought her and Patmore to tears.

She said: “He’s had a tough upbringing. His mum and dad got him on drugs at a young age, he was in care and never had support.