IF you are aged 12 and over and fancy yourself as the new Banksy or Christina Angelina, a crash spray can art course is being held tomorrow - Thursday August 9 - in Southend.

Via a three hour session, students will have a chance to learn spray can art, have a go at spray painting themselves, learn about the history and culture that surrounds this form of art and see how street and graffiti art makers design their work.

The course is being held by renowned Southend spray can artist, Scotty Brave who runs the Brave Arts organisation.

The fee is £25 per person.

People interested are urged to contact Brave Arts and reserve a place by emailing brave_01@hotmail.com.

Further details of the course and how to pay for the sessions will follow.

Scotty Brave, said: "If you've always wanted to try painting with spray cans, here is your chance to have a taster session and learn alongside a professional spray can artist.

"The course is suitable for artists of all ages and abilities. Lots of adults - young and old - have really enjoyed our workshops.

"Students will be shown the basic painting techniques and tricks used by spray can artists to achieve the necessary mark making skills.

"They will then take part in an open mural as a group work exercise, using their new skills and practising their techniques.

"For those wishing to work separately from the group on their own pieces, we will be at hand to supervise.

"You'll be supplied with a mask and gloves for protection. The gloves are optional, the mask is not."

He added: "The purpose of this crash course is ultimately to have fun! It is fun to paint with spray cans, whether you find you are good at it or not.

"We will be teaching you as best we can and we hope that people enjoy learning about spray painting as much as we enjoy teaching people about it."

The course will take place in Chichester Road.