FURIOUS residents are calling for action to deal with homeless people ruining a cemetery.

Groups of homeless people, who reportedly do not speak English, are pitching up in North Road Cemetery, Westcliff.

It has been an on going issue and now residents are calling on the council to deal with the problem.

Bins are overflowing, tents are seen, and people have even spotted dumped furniture at the grave yard.

Now residents say enough is enough and want to see something done.

Dave Lewis, 54, Westcliff said: "This is really getting me angry now, this is what is becoming of North Road cemetery- a place for down and outs to set up camp and have their alcoholic and drug taking friends to come over for a good get together.

"A place for people to just dump their refuge bags full of rubbish, a place to dump your old sofa and mattress and the bench for all the alcoholics and drug takers to sit on and congregate at night.

"It is time this council started to take action.

"Anyone would think this is a place that people paid very good money to have their loved ones laid to rest. It should be a place of tranquillity and respect.

"The council's cemetery department took the money from people to look after people's loved ones final resting place.

"To say I'm really annoyed is an understatement."

"I want to share this and hopefully name and shame these people."

In June, a group of a five rough sleepers were seen camping inside the North Road Cemetery, leaving sleeping bags and tents on top of the graves of people's loved ones.

Dog walkers also spotted allowing their dogs to foul on the side of graves in the cemetery.

The Echo contacted Harp homeless charity for a comment.

A Southend Council spokesman, said: “We are aware of ongoing issues at North Road burial ground, including rough sleeping and incidents of anti-social behaviour. We have been attempting to take a balanced approach to what is a difficult and complex situation.

“Along with serving a notice to quit to a group earlier this summer with the support of the police, various council staff members have also been attempting to engage with the rough sleepers and connect them to the many support services available locally. Further outreach work continues to be carried out to try and connect those rough sleeping with services.

“We will continue to monitor the situation. We are also aware of littering and fly-tipping at this site and this is being dealt with by the relevant teams.”