A HUGE fire broke out at a horse riding school- destroying a lorry and equipment.

The fire happened at Pony Pals, Browns Avenue, Wickford at 7pm on Saturday August 18.

The lorry was parked next to a home and burst into flamed due to an electrical fault.

The lorry cost about £23,000 and equipment lost costs at least £6,000.

Donna Sullivan, 46, business owner rescued children from the blaze.

She said the children were inside the van when it caught alight attempting to put the fire out.

She said: "We were getting ready for a summer camp that is taking place on Monday August 20 when suddenly there was smoke and flames coming from the van.

"I just ran and grabbed the kids and got them off as quick as I could. Other residents helped out too.

"We have seven dogs and horses here but they are not harmed except for one horses mane which is a little burnt.

"We just feel so numb.

"It was just such a terrible thing to happen.

"We had been at an event so had all our equipment on the lorry.

"The kids had put their equipment on the lorry ready for their competition week, we are so sad and we're are supposed to be doing a charity event but now we have no way of taking our ponies out.

"It is just so sad how quick your whole life can change in seconds."

She said the business doesn't want hand outs but will rely on its loyal customers to come and support it.

Ms Sullivan said she just wants to keep the business going for the children and customers.

It specialises in horse riding lessons for children and children with disabilities.

The business owner said they still have access to their field for lessons and classes.

The Echo contacted the fire service for comment.