A CROSSING must be installed on dangerous Canvey road before someone is hurt or worse, concerned residents have said.

John Webb, from Canvey, is behind the plans for a crossing on Thorney Bay Road, Canvey, near the Moorings Care Home.

He said: “I had a meeting with councillor Ray Howard and an Essex County Council representative last Wednesday and it was very positive and I hope to see a crossing put in place soon.

“A lot of hard work has been carried out at Thorney Bay Beach, Canvey, which has increased its popularity and now thousands visit the beach.

“I am concerned about families walking down the road to the beach and also people going to and from the care home.

“I think it is a very dangerous road.

“Drivers speed at about 60mph along it.

“I think there is a fatal accident waiting to happen.” Ray Howard, Conservative councillor for Castle Point Council, has thrown his weight behind the plans.

He said: “John has a good case, there is a process to go through but I will do all I can to help.”

The care home was approached for comment, but they did not respond before the paper went to press.

An Essex Highways spokesman said: “Our Castle Point Highway Panel officer met with councillor Howard and the resident.

“Councillor Howard was advised that the best way to take the matter forward is to enlist the Essex County Councillor in supporting the request and to submit the scheme request form.

“The panel can then investigate the situation regarding speeding on Thorney Bay Road and assess the need and practicality of a pedestrian crossing.”