A SOUND expert to the stars has launched his own clothing brand.

Southend’s Dave Swallow is branching out into street wear with Audio Architect Apparel.

He said: “I want to tell the story of music technology.

“Music and technology have gone hand in hand ever since we started making music, we celebrate the music why not the tech?

“Imagine a world without the guitar.

“No Hendrix, no Led Zeppelin, and who wants to live in that world?

“It’s for those of us who like to be different.

“It’s for those of us who think far more than they probably should about things.

“Everything that we design has some meaning in the story of music.

“It’s clever, subtle, stylish design with a passion in imagination, integrity in intellect and it’s an instrument of individualism.”

The triple “A” design also has links to access all areas, something he enjoyed while working with musical legends including live performances by Amy Winehouse, Corrine Bailey Rae and Billy Ocean.

Mr Swallow has also lectured at universities including York, Nottingham and Birmingham.

Fashion is not the first example of branching out for the audio expert, in 2010 he produced his first book.

Live Audio: the art of mixing a show was published by Focal Press.

Since then he’s also helped young audio professionals in training and working on the development of audio courses.

He became the audio course leader at Backstage Academy, part of Bolton University, developing the sound engineering requirement of their degree course and has guest lectured at several other UK universities, sharing his specialist industry knowledge and experience.

Audio Architect Apparel is already achieving global popularity, and now offers free shipping on its products and special discounts. Visit www.audioarchitect.co.uk