FURTHER concerns have been raised about hate crime towards the LBGT community in Basildon.

A stall by a Christian group was seen outside Colors gay nightclub, Southernhay, on Monday August 27.

This is the second incident in two weeks.

David Burton-Sampson, Labour councillor who is gay said: "I am surprised and somewhat concerns to hear a group were outside Colors nightclub, the only LGBT venue in the borough, encouraging people not to use the venue and to repent.

"This happening in such quick succession to the distribution of the so called pride leaflets last week is a worrying trend.

For many years the LGBT community has fought against discrimination to get to a position where they feel accepted in everyday society.

"We as a community should always challenge anyone or any attempt to move things backwards. People are who they are and most believe we cannot change this. Instances such as this can create fear and worry within a community and it must be avoided at all costs.

"We must appreciate that this is not the preachings of the Christian Church as a whole who preach God's love and we must be careful not to mix this group who portray such backwards looking views with those of the majority of Christians."

Matt Hill, a volunteer for the Sustrans cycling charity in Thurrock, wrote on Twitter on Monday, August 27: “Religious nutters, nutters because of the content, not their faith, outside Colors in Basildon.

"Fire and brimstone stuff. I pray the location isn’t deliberate.”

On Wednesday August 22 the Echo reported how other religious preachers have posted “hate mail” through the letterboxes of homes in Basildon.

Christian group Xpand Christianity took responsibly for the material but later claimed it cannot be responsible for posting leaflets through doors.

A spokesman also claimed the group is saving people.

The leaflets, using the internationally recognised LGBT Rainbow flag on the front, and states “what comes after pride”.

On the back is a passage about the problems with being proud.

One of the flyers also suggested that rock and roll stars deserve what they get and named the likes of Freddie Mercury.

The group said it was not involved in the incident outside the club.