A six-month old Chihuahua puppy that was stolen during a burglary has been found.

Tilly was taken during the break-in in Pitsea on August 29.

Police officers have confirmed the pup has now been found.

It is thought the break in happened between 12.15am and 2am at the home in in Corfe Close, Pitsea.

Jamie Box, 26, who lives with his family said they are all over the moon that the pet has been found.

He said: "I can't put it into words about how we feel about this.

"If it wasn't for all the help of everyone on social media we might not be getting her back.

"The police have been amazing as well, they have put so much of their time, effort and resources into finding our dog.

"We were trying not to think about it and my mum didn't want to hear any more about it unless she was found.

"We were also trying to get out of the house a bit.

"I didn't expect this at all. She is home now and just chilling out and we are getting her settled.

"I do not want to say about where she was found."

He said what matters is that she is home safe.

Three people have been arrested following the burglary.

An 18-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of burglary and cannabis cultivation early morning, on Friday August 31. He remains in custody.

Two girls, aged 15 and 17, were both arrested on Thursday August 30, on suspicion of handling stolen goods. Both have been released pending further investigation.

Mr Box previously said that the theft of the dog had left a lasting affect on his mum, Paula.

He said she had become emotionally drained and exhausted.

She has had trouble sleeping since the dog was taken.