Nervous parents were gifted a sweet treat to "break the ice" on their children's first day at primary school.

Teachers at Hockley Primary School in Chevening Gardens waited outside to give parents a Kit Kat with a note, providing comfort to parents on their children's first day.

The note said: "It's your little one's first day.

"And though your heart may ache.

"We're here to help them find their wings.

"So today you can take a break!"

Simon Harris, the author of the Southend News Network, felt the gifts were a perfect way to start the relationship between parents and teachers.

He said: "Thankfully, I got to have half of the Kit Kat.

"It was more the parents than the kids that were a bit nervous about them going to primary school, this was a great way for the teachers to introduce themselves to everyone.

"The first two weeks the children only go in for half the day, today they came out chomping at the bit to go back tomorrow.

"The parents say it was a lovely little ice breaker."