Martin Lacey of the Great British Circus says the public of Southend votes with its feet (August 13).

With a population of some 180,000 in Southend and Rochford, only a tiny fraction visits his animal circus.

He expects the public to believe his circus plays a part in conservation.

The only real way to save these animals is to protect their natural habitat or support real conservation.

How many animals he has actually reintroduced into the wild, as part of his amazing conservation circus? Alternatively, what financial contribution he has made to such efforts?

Animal circuses are on the road for around ten months of each year, with the animals being loaded and unloaded on and off lorries, living in cramped, temporary accommodation and forced to perform cheap tricks.

Thankfully, most circuses in the UK do not use animals. We would encourage people to visit these instead.

Lily Lashley
Southend Animal Aid
(Full address supplied)