A BUDGET café offering a 99p breakfast is aiming to launch a “pay it forward” scheme where residents can pay for a breakfast for homeless people.

Grafters opened in London Road, Southend, in May this year and now after celebrating 500 cheap breakfasts the restaurant hopes customers will help others.

When the plan is launched residents will be able to pay for a breakfast, whether it be the 99p version or a slightly more expensive version, and the café will then provide a meal for the homeless.

The café has said it is still working out the logistics but is keen to help with the ongoing homeless issue in the town, and aims to launch the scheme by the end of the month.

Zoey Smith, founder of the One Love Soup Kitchen, said: “Spencer the manager at Grafters Café has just agreed to do ‘suspended breakfasts’ for our homeless guys and girls.

“99p gets rough sleepers a much needed warm meal in the morning.

“When you are next passing or eating in there, why not pay an extra £1 or 2 to give someone a much appreciated warm breakfast and maybe a cuppa to go with it.”

The owners behind the scheme admitted they have taken inspiration from the popularity of Poundland and 99p shops in today’s day and age.

The 99p breakfast is made up of a Cumberland sausage, a rasher of bacon, a fried egg, baked beans and toast - and the café has already struck up a deal with Southend United.

With this partnership, Grafters promotes its 99p breakfast as the perfect place for fans to meet and eat before heading to the match.

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