A VOLUNTEER police officer sent pictures of his exposed penis to a colleague while on police premises and wearing his uniform, it has been alleged.

Essex Police special constable James Parker is set to be hauled in front of a disciplinary panel next week over a sexually charged video clip and string of raunchy messages he is said to have sent to a colleague on Snapchat.

The first allegation relates to him sending a picture of his exposed privates while in police uniform and on police premises.

He is then accused of sending messages saying he wanted a colleague to perform a sex act on him underneath a table during a police briefing and he wanted to have a romantic encounter with her in a cupboard at the police station.

The final message sent allegedly involved SC Parker messaging a female officer with a suggestive message.

It is not known whether the pair were in a relationship.

The allegations ahead of the officer’s misconduct hearing at Chelmsford Civic Hall said: “It is alleged you sent a video clip via Snapchat to a female colleague.

“The video was taken on police premises.

“It depicted you in police uniform and your penis was at least partially exposed.

“You sent the video with a sexual motivation.”

The second and third allegations said: “The message was to the effect that you wanted her to perform a sex act on you under a table during a police briefing.

“The message was to the effect that you wanted to perform a sex act with that colleague in a cupboard on police premises.

“This was a reference to a sexual act.”

The messages are said to have been sent in October and November last year.

Legally qualified chairman Peter Nicholls will oversee the hearing.

He will be tasked to decide whether the officer’s actions individually or collectively amounted to discreditable conduct, acting with a lack of respect and courtesy or acting with a lack of integrity.

He could be dismissed from the force without notice or handed a written warning about his future conduct.

Special officers have the same police powers, uniforms and equipment as regular police officers but are unpaid apart from their expenses.

Anyone wanting to apply is warned they are subject to the same standards of professional behaviour as regular officers, whether on or off duty.