A TEACHER who was arrested at a school on suspicion of child sex offences has been re-bailed for a third time.

The 57-year-old man, from Leigh, was arrested at a Basildon primary school, which cannot be named for legal reasons, in June this year.

Witnesses claimed a laptop was also confiscated by Essex Police officers.

The man was initially released on bail until Monday, July 23, before being re-bailed until Saturday, August 18.

Essex Police then confirmed he has since been arrested on suspicion of sexual assault on a child under 13 and sexual activity involving a child under 13 and was bailed until today, September 14.

The police have since confirmed he has now been rebailed until October 16.

The teacher was initially arrested on suspicion of grooming a child and has been released pending investigation to this line of enquiry.

A spokesman for Ofsted said: "Where this is a child protection issue, the police and relevant local authority are responsible for investigating such matters."

Under the Education Act 2011, the teacher cannot be named and no further information can be released unless there is a charge.

Anyone affected or concerned can contact the NSPCC at nspcc.org.uk or call 0800 1111.