A SHOW which "showcases the glory of Irish Culture" but "brings it into the 21st century in a way that's never been done before" via stunning dance, theatre and music, is on its way to the Towngate Theatre in Basildon next month.

Emerald Storm will appear at the venue in St. Martin's Square, on Wednesday, October 17.

From the producers of the West End hit shows Seven Drunken Nights, The Story of The Dubliners and Walk Right Back - The Everly Brothers Story, the production promises a "fresh take on the Irish dancing tradition" and features some of Ireland’s most talented performers.

The thunderous rhythms we associate so well with Irish Dancing, is said to be "beautifully combined" with sensual salsa, the complexity and precision of ballroom and the smooth coolness of jazz, creating a modern fusion.

The dancers are joined by world-class live musicians providing an authentic sound of the Emerald Isle.

Mike Crawshaw, member of the vocal harmony group The Overtones is a director of Slamdunk Entertainments, which produces the show.

He says: “Everyone loves Irish Dancing, myself included. What we want to do is demonstrate the emerging contemporary scene within the world of Irish Dance, still keeping that tradition but bringing it into the 21st Century and highlighting what a new generation are bringing to the art.

“As well as a cast of amazing dancers, we are lucky to have a team of incredible musicians providing a heavenly soundtrack.

"From traditional folk songs, original instrumentals and modern acoustic tracks, the stunning vocalists and fantastic live musicians will take you to another world.

“The show follows a thrilling story, set in Celtic mythology. It’s a tale of good and evil which keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout. The dynamic choreography and lyrical soundtrack will carry you away from the mortal realm to the mystical land of the fairies.

“We wanted to break the mould and step in a fresh direction for shows of this genre. We couldn’t do a show of this nature without the explosive, driving numbers quintessential of the Irish Dance tradition, and nor would we want to! But the crossover pieces, the variety and contrast provide something unexpected which we hope will leaving audiences reeling and wanting more. It’s something completely new and that’s never been explored before.”

Emerald Storm will be on at 7:30pm.

The show is two hours and 30 minutes long.

Tickets are £23.50 available from the towngatetheatre.co.uk