A DRINK and drug fuelled vagrant introduced himself to shoppers by dropping his trousers in the middle of the street and exposing his private parts.

Ronald Buttner was given a conditional discharge following claims his actions were as much down to mental health conditions as the quantity of alcohol he had drunk and the cannabis found in his pockets.

Basildon Crown Court heard the 30-year-old was not thinking clearly when the incident happened in a busy Southend street in June.

Buttner, whose mother had travelled from Poland to attend the hearing in person, was charged with outraging public decency, as well as possession of cannabis and criminal damage after spitting in a police cell and chucking food around the police yard.

The defendant, who required a Polish interpreter, had previously denied the charges but changed his pleas and was sentenced at court this week.

Ania Grudzinska, mitigating, told the court he did not want to upset anyone and was just trying to get the attention of police.

She added: “He was in need of help at that time. He was asking the police officers for help and it all got out of hand.

“He is someone who is otherwise of good character and is hard working.

“Sadly his father passed away two years ago. He was very close to him so that may have contributed to his consumption of alcohol and cannabis.

“He tells me he would like to go back to Poland to start working again and does not wish to consume alcohol any more because he knows how that affects him.”

Judge John Lodge said: “This was unusual and bizarre behaviour but it was clearly behaviour which outraged public decency.

“In the middle of the day, in a busy street, you exposed yourself causing alarm and distress.

“It is unacceptable behaviour.

“You have spent two and a half months in prison which is the equivalent of a five month custodial sentence.

“You were just seeking attention rather than trying to upset people. The offence you committed in the circumstances does not warrant a custodial sentence.”