A FURIOUS daughter is demanding answers after the death of her mum.

Jacqueline Abbey, 47, died after being admitted to Basildon Hospital with stomach pains.

An inquest found an unknown cause of death, but now her daughter Rachel White, 21, is demanding to know what happened.

Rachel also claims the care her mum received was “unacceptable”, with an oxygen mask being repeatedly forced onto her mum’s face even though she was vomiting into it.

She has complained to the hospital and has also contacted the NHS ombudsman with her concerns.

She said: “Mum went into hospital on September 22 last year with bad stomach pains. She died on September 27.

“She was in the surgical referral unit and was meant to be transferred to intensive care but died before. They said she had constipation and was on medication to treat it, but I didn’t believe it was that.

“The whole thing has caused me so much stress and I am now suffering depression. They have not told us what happened at all. She was so young. Why her?”

Rachel, of Stanford-le-Hope, claims hospital staff attempted to resuscitate her mother, also of Stanford-le-Hope, but did not draw curtains or do it privately.

A letter sent to the daughter from Andrew Pike, hospital managing director, states Ms Abbey was taking morphine daily before she went into hospital, and was given it in hospital.

It says she suffered two cardiac arrests and was constipated.

It apologies for the incident with the oxygen mask and insists correct procedures were followed when attempting resuscitation.

In an official comment, a spokesman for the hospital said: “We have offered Ms White and her family our sincere condolences for the sad loss of Jacqueline Abbey.

“We thoroughly investigated and have had several meetings with her daughter to address her concerns and answer her questions. We want to support her as much as we can and if there are further questions she is welcome to contact us or the Ombudsman.”