A MAN was left needing hospital treatment after being attacked by a knife-wielding thug.

The victim, who will remain anonymous, was walking in Boscombe Road, Southend, when he was assaulted and robbed.

The victim’s family have since shared a warning on Facebook about walking alone late at night as there are claims a number of other people have been targeted by the same man.

It reads: “On Tuesday night, my cousin was attacked and robbed.

“A man approached him from behind grabbed him by the neck and then punched him in the face when he turned around and tried to get away.

“This man usually hangs around Sutton Road near the post office with another mate on a bike at night.

“My cousin was then punched multiple times in the face until he wasn’t able to even talk or defend himself.

“He had money and his phone stolen.”

The victim’s cousin said the incident has been reported to police and was told there are reports of this suspect targeting other people.

She added: “The man had a knife on him and threatened to stab my cousin if he screamed or tried to run.

“The man also ripped his top during the fight, completely broke his bank cards and left him in a terrible state bleeding and bruised.

“Luckily for him he only lived round the corner so he struggled his way home and then had to be taken into hospital as he had several head injuries along with non-stop bleeding from his forehead which needed to be glued.

“Anyone who walks alone at night around that area be careful as that man hasn’t been found yet although police have several reports about him robbing various people.

“Please be careful.”

The appeal was shared widely across social media with several people claiming to have been targeted in a similar way in the area.

One woman said: “I have heard other reports about a man hanging about near the post office there.

“Sadly we have to realise that it is no longer safe to walk around on your own any more in some areas, and especially at night.

“I hope this man recovers soon, and that this doesn’t have a lasting affect on him, as it could do.

“Thank goodness there are lots of good people in this town, outnumbering all the bad we seem to have at the moment.”

The incident took place on last Tuesday at about 11.30pm.

Essex Police was unable to comment on the incident but anyone with information should contact them on 101. Alternatively, you can share information with independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555111