FURIOUS residents have hit out at a surgery closure.

The Pall Mall Branch site, known as the Southbourne Grove Surgery, at 314 Southbourne Grove, Westcliff, will close on Friday, November 30.

This means 3,350 patients will now have to make their way to the Pall Mall HQ in Leigh. The Echo revealed the news yesterday and patients have reacted.

Paul Roche, 63, from Westcliff, said it was a major blow to the community.

He said: “What about the older people, who cannot get to centres that are further away? I have been going there for 20 years myself and it’s a good service.

“It all comes down to money and seems as though big companies want to close centres, so we lose jobs and the big bosses make loads of money.

“I feel sorry for Doctor Krishna Chaturvedi, who works there and doesn’t want to leave.

“Other people in the community will be angry especially the elderly.

“People will have to travel further to see a doctor now.”

Other patients have also spoken of their frustrations too.

Jackie Hemmings, from Southend, said there is nothing wrong with the centre.

She said: “I have been going to the surgery for 30 years.

“I think the CCG only wants to supply big surgeries and not the independent small ones.

“It has come as such a shock that they are doing this.

“Dr Chaturvedi is a wonderful doctor, I have never known anyone so good and caring and he worries such a lot about the elderly.

“We don’t want to move and think it’s a huge community loss.”

Dr Chaturvedi has strongly criticised the CCG which is behind the closure.

He said he is furious about this and claims the CCG is killing off small practices.

He said: “I am so sorry for the patients.

“I do feel that patients such as the elderly and disabled will lose out due to the closure.

“The residents very much like the smaller practices, if you speak to people in the street that is what they say.

“I think is is very unfortunate and have tried to appeal this.”

The CCG previously said the decision was taken by the Southend CCG on the basis that the building is not fit for purpose and requires significant investment to ensure that it meets the required regulations.

Cathy Gritzner, interim accountable officer for Southend Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “This was not an easy decision to make and patients are encouraged to share any concerns through their Patient Participation Group, wherever possible these will be addressed in a positive fashion.

“Patients can also speak with the practice manager.”