COUNCILLOR Terry seems to be confused about the democratic process.

The ballot paper in the referendum had on it, remain a member of the European Union or Leave the European Union.

British people voted to leave.

The EU has, for a long time, operated protectionist trade barriers and is very unpopular with many trading nations and trading areas across the globe. To blame Trump for reacting to this is simplistic.

I am a true patriot, I believe in the British people and this amazing, tiny island.

With British people and politicians with guts and ambition for the country fully behind it, we will all be, by far, better off when we finally leave.


Ennismore Gardens, Southend


...IN a democracy, it is understood by the people that a government is elected by the people to represent them in its administration and law making for a set period of time.

In our case, we will have a General Election every five years or so.

The government is expected to carry out its duty to the electorate in the best way it can for all the people.

What on earth do we need a Referendum for, when we have already said to the government, “Get on with it”?

Surely it is not necessary to remind the people of this country that our Parliament is looked on as the Mother of all Parliaments, having been born out of a most bloody civil war.


Lifstan Way, Southend