A MUCH-LOVED Canvey community centre should be replaced, according to a new report.

The business plan on whether to retain or rebuild the Paddocks in Long Road has advised the council that a £4.3million demolition and rebuild of the centre would be the better option.

The report, released yesterday, stated: “The existing community hall, whilst being a well-loved landmark on the island, is not well used and is a significant financial burden which is currently underwritten by the general council taxpayers of the borough.

“Financially and operationally, the better option would be to replace the existing facility with a purpose-built, modern facility.

“This option would have an ongoing, positive impact on the council’s financial plans whilst having no detrimental impact on users of the facility.”

The decision surrounding the future of the centre has seen campaigners demonstrate outside of the council’s offices in Kiln Road, Benfleet, in favour of a revamp.

A petition was launched to ‘save the Paddocks’ from demolition, receiving a thousand signatures in a day.

The council’s new report estimated that a refurbishment of the hall would cost £4.1million, just £200,000 less than demolishing and replacing the building entirely.

Castle Point Council will discuss the plan at its cabinet committee on Tuesday, October 16.

The report into the Paddocks added: “A new-build facility would present opportunities to influence through design, ongoing operational costs as well as environmental considerations, energy efficiency, maintenance and improved security in order that the new build is fit for use as a modern venue for many years to come.”