A school celebrated National Poetry Day 2018 before a live audience and students.

The year sevens from Westcliff High School for Boys in Kenilworth Gardens took on the annual Poetry Slam.

The event saw ten students perform pieces themed around 'change', before an audience of students, teachers and judges from the Sixth Form prefect team.

Events were also hosted throughout the day, including readings from two students Daniel Perreria, 16, and Nathaniel Lews, 12, in a school assembly.

Nathaniel's poem has also been shortlisted in the Essex Poem of the Year competition.

Every pupils in year seven wrote their own poem based on change, submitting an entrant from each class for the competition.

At the end of the lunchtime competition, Freddie Dawson, 11, came out the winner with Aled Jones, 11, the runner up.

Tom Keenan, KS3 co-ordinator, said: "The day ended with staff gathering for afternoon tea and a discussion about their favourite poems.

"Such was the enthusiasm from those who attended, talk has now moved on to it becoming a regular fixture at Westcliff High School for Boys which I am delighted about."