A COMMUNITY has welcomed plans for a new Lidl which could create 40 jobs.

The supermarket chain has this week formally submitted a planning application for Canvey.

The plan proposes the demolition of UK Shelving Ltd in Northwick Road, owned by Castle Point Council leader Norman Smith, and replacing it with a new Lidl.

The company is due to be moved.

The new supermarket will have space for 102 car parking spaces with a further seven disabled spaces.

Resident George Whatley, 77, of Limburg Road feels another big brand on the island can only be a positive for the community.

He said: “Anything that brings jobs to the community has got to be a bonus.

“Around 60 per cent of of island’s commuters work in London and those figures will surely get worse.

“Obviously anything as far as keeping people working on the island is concerned is good for Canvey.

“If this store does come to fruition, it will be more shopping competition and having a big name here will help Canvey to continue growing as an up and coming area.”

In July, The Echo confirmed that the supermarket brand had taken up the contract for the new site in Northwick Road.

A consultation was held on the plans with Castle Point Council earlier this year.

The design and access statement, stated: “A formal written response was provided by the council on July 2 which confirmed while the council would welcome the provision of a Lidl’s store on Canvey, such provision should be made within the town centre, or on edge of centre site or within the identified out of centre site on Roscommon Way.”

Lidl reported that in a consultation exercise, 1,050 individuals responded to the plans.

Out of those to reply, a total of 939 residents were in favour of the brand building a new store on Canvey and only 35 were not.

Grace Watson, councillor for Canvey North said work must be carried out to ensure the supermarket can be accessed by the public.

She said: “If new jobs are being created it is a good thing, but there are a few things the developers need to do or take into account such as the infrastructure and traffic. If that is factored into the plan, we will of course welcome it.

“I believe it will be well used by people on the island.”