AN investigation has been launched at a school after an angry parent told how his 12-year-old daughter was shown an F-word filled scene from a cult film.

The father of the year seven pupil, who attends Southchurch High School in Southchurch Boulevard, Southend, claimed her history class was shown a scene from Eight Mile, based on the young life of hip-hop legend, Eminem.

The scene complained of was a rap battle with lyrics the dad said were inappropriate for a child of 12 to listen to.

The sing-off included references to guns, inappropriate comments about women and the word ‘f***’ is said 16 times.

The parent, who asked not to be named, said: “With what we read about crime happening in Southend currently, these young children could be influenced badly by scenes like this, especially the boys who think it is cool to listen to this music that degrades women and assault people, it is just not acceptable. The language that was used when I read them I could not believe.

“If you actually listen to them, I think that any parent would be horrified that a teacher would show something such as this to a child.”

The father of the child said that although parents may not be able to stop their children from seeing scenes and hearing music such as what was in the film, he did not feel a school classroom was the appropriate place for them to come in contact with it.

He added: “There are other methods of putting things across as this just encourages the children.

“We often hear things from my daughter when she comes home from school, we don’t mind those things too much but when they come home and tell us about things such as this, it does not give me a huge amount of confidence in the school.

“It should at least contact parents to make us aware the teacher is planning something like this.

“I would like the school to apologise for this happening.”

The school told the Echo it had been made aware of the father’s complaint.

Stuart Reynolds, headteacher of the school, said: “I do not allow staff or the children to swear within the school, but I cannot make any further comment. The school is aware of the allegation and an investigation will take place into this.”