A video has emerged of a police car receiving a parking ticket.

The car, which is parked in what appears to be a disabled space in Brentwood High Street, is given a ticket by a traffic warden patrolling the road.

The incident has sparked outrage on Facebook, with some calling the traffic warden "over zealous" while others criticised the police for parking there.

A spokesman from Essex Police said: "An officer was parked in a restricted bay on Brentwood High Street for a few minutes on Tuesday, November 6.

"The driver of the car was making enquiries related to an ongoing investigation, but we recognise that this was not an emergency situation.

"Our officers always try to park in places where they can easily respond if called to emergencies.

"However, we acknowledge that on this occasion the parking was inconsiderate and the officer involved has been given words of advice."

A spokemsan for the South Essex Parking Partnership said: "SEPP will not issue Penalty Charge Notices (PCN) to police vehicles that are considered to be on official police duty.

"However, on this occasion the enforcement officer considered that the vehicle was not on official duty and hence a PCN was issued.

"SEPP recognise that Police officers require to be within easy reach of the vehicle to be able to respond to emergency calls and although the area in question is designated for blue badge parking only, we have advised the enforcement officer to also take this into consideration should a future situation arise.”