A RAPIST has been jailed for nine years for a “vile attack” on a woman with severe learning difficulties in a public toilet.

Vasile Dobrin, 33, posed as a fake perfume seller before targeting the vulnerable woman in London Road, Westcliff,

Dobrin had tried to sell her perfume but when she said she had no money, he took her into the toilet where he raped her.

Det Insp Lisa Hurrell said: “This was an opportunist attack against a vulnerable woman who clearly had learning difficulties.

“Dobrin targeted her because of her vulnerabilities and subjected to her a vile attack in the public toilets during daylight hours.

“The victim was very brave in coming forward and she and her family are glad that justice has been done and that this dangerous man has been taken off the streets.”

Richard Kelly, prosecuting told the jury the victim was incapable of consent.

He said: “The victim is a lady who has very severe learning difficulties.

“So severe are they that she did not have the mental capacity to consent to any sexual activity with this defendant or anyone else.”

The court heard from a psychological expert who told the jury the victim was incapable of consent due to only having an IQ of 48.

A CCTV image was shared by police in a bid to track him down and officers were able to link Dobrin to the rape through his DNA.

Despite initially denying having sex with the victim he then claimed the idea came from her and he was not aware of her vulnerability.

The jury did not believe his lies and agreed with the prosecution it would have been “glaringly obvious” she was unable to consent.

Mr Kelly said: “When he went with the victim to the toilet, he was fully aware that she was someone with some significant form of intellectual impairment.”

Drobin locked her in the toilets at the corner of London Road and Hamlet Court Road on July 5 last year to carry out the attack.

She tried to fight him off but he had his arm across her chest which made it difficult for her to breath. She tried to call for someone to help but he would not let her out.

The married father, of Wherstead Road, Ipswich, was jailed for nine years at Basildon Crown Court and placed on the sex offenders’ register.