THE new Havens hospice is set to benefit from an £85,000 donation from Essex Masons.

Masons across the country have donated the cash to purchase 16 specialist beds for the new Havens Hospice off Priory Crescent, Southend.

Work is under way on the new hospice opposite Priory Park. Once finished the beds costing £5,300 each will be installed in in-patient rooms in Fairhavens Hospice.

Andy Smith, Havens Chief executive described the donation as “truly transformative”.

He said: “Securing the whole £84,800 funding we needed to purchase all 16 beds is phenomenal.

“We are proud that the Mark Benevolent Fund and Essex Mark Masons have recognised the value of the care we provide. It is genuinely humbling to know that local Masons stand with us in providing excellent care to those who need it most.”

The provision of the 16 new beds means that for the first-time patients at Havens will be able to have the very latest in technology not just for riser and recliner functions but more importantly it will allow patients to be more comfortable while reducing the risk of bed sores.

Terence Sheern, Provincial Grand Master for Essex Mark Master Masons, said: “This staggering and significant donation was made following a request from Bob Harvey, a Mark Master Mason and his wife Margaret who been volunteers at the hospice for a combined total of 43 years.

“They approached our Provincial Almoner who was able to receive support from our Benevolent Fund in London. I am absolutely delighted that we have been able to donate funds to this wonderful cause. Havens do so much good in the Community.”

Havens Hospice will soon be moving from its cramped house in Westcliff to its new bespoke building in Priory Crescent. The new premises, as well as having day care facilities will have 16 in-patient rooms where complete care can be offered to those needing the full facilities and support of the hospice.

Mr Harvey said: “From my perspective as a Mason, it’s nice to see some of our donations coming back to a wonderful cause in our county.”