A COUPLE were left devastated after a thief stole sentimental items from their flat which were very close to their hearts.

Hannah Fitt-Bishop, 29 and Ryan Smith, 30 who live at The Glen, Vange had their flat burgled on Monday November 5th.

CCTV picked up footage of the burglar entering the property through the ground floor kitchen window at 7.10pm and leaving at 7.20pm out the main entrance to the flats.

The man stole an iPhone 8 and a dresser draw full of sentimental items, including a Pandora bracelet that was given to Hannah when she was first in a relationship with Ryan. Along with this, the heartless thief stole Hannah’s nans jewellery, including a Pandora necklace, who has sadly passed away.

Ryan returned home Monday evening after visiting Hannah in hospital, to see his kitchen window smashed and front door left slightly ajar.

He said: “At the time I was shocked, initially I thought a firework had gone through the window. I saw the door slightly open and just thought I’d left it on latch. I went in and nothing immediately looked wrong.”

Ryan asked his neighbours if they had seen anything, returning to his home rather confused. He checked CCTV footage to see what had happened. He said: "I saw the man walk in and thought oh god. Originally the CCTV alarm startled him, he ran outside, waited and a minute later came back in. He tried to knock the CCTV camera off the wall but that didn’t work.

“He went into the bedroom and came out with the dresser drawer under his arm. The phone was also taken off the side.

“I was shocked and very angry, I never thought this would happen to us. Hannah is absolutely devastated, she’s now lost what she had to remember her nan by. She was in hospital and already had a lot going on.”

The couple’s neighbour searched the area in the following morning, and found the dresser drawer dumped in the grass, with the less valuable items still inside, including hairbands and make up.

As of yet, nobody has been officially charged. The police are actively searching for the intruder, having interviewed Ryan and his neighbours to gain any possible information.

Essex Police have stated: “We are investigation following a burglary in Vange. A property in The Glen was broken into just after 7.15pm on November 5. Our enquiries are ongoing. Anyone with information is asked to call Basildon CID on 101 quoting crime reference number 42/161759/18.

Ryan has said: “The only advice I can give is to make sure you lock your downstairs windows that back on to car parks with the key and to get some sort of CCTV or alarm system that can alert you if your away. Hopefully he gets caught and sentenced.”