VIOLENT and sexual offences on Canvey Island have nearly doubled within a year, police figures show.

There were 128 incidents of violence and sexual offences on the island in September this year, which is 55 more than September 2017, which had 71 incidents.

Anti-social behaviour on the island also rose by 23 incidents with 105 this year compared to 82 last year.

The news comes as Roger Hirst, Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, announced that he will be holding a public meeting on the island at the start of December.

There was a total of 377 crimes reported to police in Canvey in September, which is 85 more than the 262 incidents reported to police in the same month in 2017.

Canvey resident Linda Norton said the increase in crimes is “disgusting”.

She said: “It’s just unbelievable in this day and age that you get young 11 to 12 year olds out in groups passed midnight causing trouble. The thing is there is simply no deterrent. There’s no respect for the police any more.

“I think it’s to some degree to do with bad parenting – young people get away with a lot more in this day and age, I wouldn’t be letting youngsters out so late unsupervised.”

Canvey town councillor Peter Greig said: “I think it’s extremely disappointing. The amount of anti-social behaviour around is just beyond belief. It’s all well and good saying there are more police, be it in cars or away from the streets, but what you really need to enforce it is uniformed officers in person to handle these criminals.”

An Essex Police spokesman said in September there were only two violent offences against a person for every 1,000 people in Castle Point and that it was a “safe place” with crimes lower than the national average.

They added: “We are concerned about increases in violent crime and sexual offences though, and they are rising here and across the country. That’s why we’ve invested in specialist teams and it’s why 150 more police officers will be on Essex streets in the next year.

“In Castle Point there is a dedicated proactive team tackling the issue of drugs and gangs. Over the last six months they have carried out numerous warrants, made arrests, and seized weapons and drugs.” The meeting is on December 3.