TWO schoolboys were threatened with a knife by a fellow student in a lesson.

The incident, which took place at Cecil Jones Academy in Eastern Avenue, Southend, has caused alarm among parents who fear it has not been handled appropriately.

The mothers of the two 12-year-olds, who will remain anonymous, are calling for further action to be taken to deter children from carrying knives into school.

One mother said: “The thing that annoyed me most was that my son came home and told me teachers had said ‘not to make a big deal out of it’.

“I heard that from him before I had heard anything from the school.

“He said he had accidentally nudged this boy while he was on a laptop and the boy immediately went to his blazer pocket and pulled out a penknife.

“He held it at my son and his friend and started swearing at them.”

The mother rang the school and was told the incident had been referred to the police but that the student had been allowed back to school.

She added: “The school told me it wasn’t a very big knife but that is besides the point.

“If it had been used in the wrong way that could have changed someone’s life.

“It felt like they were trying to sweep it under the carpet.”

The second mother said: “I was absolutely shocked. It was done in a lesson.

“It has not been handled in a way a school should act at all.

“Something needs to be done. It’s unbelievable that kids are bringing knives to school.

“The kid needs to be made an example of otherwise where is the deterrent?

“It’s got round to other children and if they see he is back in school, how will they know it’s the wrong thing to do?”

The school said the incident had been referred to the police who were now investigating.

A spokesman for Cecil Jones Academy said: “The incident is now with the police.

“The police have thanked the school for the comprehensive information provided. We cannot comment further due to an ongoing police investigation.”

Anyone with information should contact Essex Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.